5 thoughts on “How dare you teach people about their heritage?

  1. There’s a level of paranoia about Hispanic organizing activity, which is partially based on demographic shifts toward majority Hispanic populations in the Southwest, and partially based on the same kind of gut fear that makes the Right whimper in their cribs at night about Arabs coming to take over the world and make them slaves. In the case of the Arabs, the code word is “Caliphate;” in the case of Hispanics, it’s “Reconquista.”

    It isn’t rational in either instance, but it’s a useful tool to the more rational members of the Right. Here’s an example of the kinds of things they get weird about, in this case a rant against the Hispanic group La Raza:


    (Mandatory disclaimer: I went to undergrad with one of the past La Raza leaders, who received a MacArthur, and I liked and respected her.)

  2. Also, you can no longer teach English as a second language if you have a “heavy” accent (I’m not sure what that means exactly, since American accents differ significatly by region, but it’s pretty obviously intended for Hispanic and Latino/a teachers.)

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