19 Leading Scientific Minds Moving to Canada (All Men)

While the big news in Canadian academic circles is the successful recruitment of 19 “leading scientific minds” by the Canada Excellence Research Chair program, a sharp feminist philosophers blog reader points out that exactly ZERO were women. (Although these men did indeed secure spousal hires.) As the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, put it, “There also is not a single female researcher among the 19 spots, an indication of how few women hold senior positions in science and engineering, the fields that dominate the winning entries.” The full article is here. The list of those hired is here. Our reader also notes that that fully seven of the new hires are in the Life Sciences and Technology field, which has an excellent representation of women. Coverage in the UK has focused on the brain drain of British scientists to Canada, see here.

2 thoughts on “19 Leading Scientific Minds Moving to Canada (All Men)

  1. This pattern is, regrettably, all too consistent with the pattern already set by the more-numerous Canada Research Chairs, the vast majority of which went to white men.

    There are at least two additional problems with this new program: 1) the fact that the humanities and creative arts are not included among the fields believed to be worth funding; and 2) the underlying assumption that the way to build science is to spend gajillions of dollars on a few “stars,” keeping everyone else grossly under-funded.

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