Academic Boycott of Middlesex

There is now a call for an academic boycott of Middlesex, with the full support of the philosophy department. Spread the word far and wide, especially to non-philosophers. And commit to the boycott here.

The text is as follows:

We the undersigned therefore commit ourselves to an academic boycott of Middlesex University until it shows evidence of full reinstatement and continued support for its philosophy program.

Prior to such reinstatement, we will refuse to act as external examiners or to deliver talks at the school. We will encourage colleagues to reject job offers at Middlesex. We will refuse to visit campus for any reason other than to protest the decision to close the philosophy program. We will, in short, cease to engage with Middlesex as a legitimate academic institution.

2 thoughts on “Academic Boycott of Middlesex

  1. Now, I may just be ignorant about this, but wouldn’t a lack of outside examiners only hurt the students? Now I realize there is some incentive in that (administrators don’t like angry parents) but won’t this prevent students from graduating on time?

  2. It will indeed hurt the students, and it is not an easy decision to make. However, it is the only kind of activity that the administrators and management are likely to understand. The threat of legal action from disgruntled students due to the university being unable to contractually deliver is actually a fairly persuasive tool. Plus one is having to inconvenience current actual students – who are nearly all remarkably supportive of the campaign anyway – in order to protect the possibility of having any future philosophy students whatsoever.

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