The Sunday Cat is Planning a Vacation

For the summer.

The thing is, trips are very tricky for cats.  They can travel over 2300 miles from home (hint, hint) and then be returned without so much as a ‘by your leave’. 

So she’s thinking she might do some virtual traveling in a Japanese animations.  But the problem here is that the cats can be so incredibly rude.  Really!


So she’s now thinking a surreal animation might be fun.  Especially if she can understand it.

The video above, Cat Soup, is Part I on a three part award winning short.  Parts Two and Three are here.  Both the short film and the series – the second entry above – are called (in translation) “Cat Soup”.

Some good news: Malawian couple to be freed

Earlier this month a gay couple in Malawi were imprisoned having been found guilty of crimes of sodomy and indecency. At the behest of the UN, they have now been (albeit begrudgingly) pardoned and will be freed. Ban Ki-moon is apparently pushing for the repeal of these anti-gay laws at the Malawian national assembley later this month. More here.

Intelligent article on Tiger Woods

I didn’t really think that could happen any more. (Of course, arguably the article is much more about race than about Woods.) Read it here. It makes me kind of happy that this article is in the Sports section. I like the thought of people seeking sports news but ending up reading a really intelligent essay on race.

Sadly, another article provides a stark contrast. The Woods article is all about the gradual evolution of our thinking about our categorisation of people; this one reminds us that not everyone has been evolving. And that some of the people not evolving are really very scary. (I don’t think it represents progress that the hatred involved is, at least for some, a hatred of Muslims rather than a general anti-Asian sentiment. Though it is startling that one of the English Defence League spokespeople is named ‘Guramit Singh’.)