Some good news: Malawian couple to be freed

Earlier this month a gay couple in Malawi were imprisoned having been found guilty of crimes of sodomy and indecency. At the behest of the UN, they have now been (albeit begrudgingly) pardoned and will be freed. Ban Ki-moon is apparently pushing for the repeal of these anti-gay laws at the Malawian national assembley later this month. More here.

5 thoughts on “Some good news: Malawian couple to be freed

  1. This is good news! I don’t know much (and by that I mean really anything at all) about African culture and sexual identity, but I’m wondering if they can properly be described as gay since one of them identifies as a woman?

  2. Tiwonge identifies as a woman, which means that they aren’t really a gay couple – Malawi is denying Tiwonge’s identity when they refer to her as a gay man.

  3. Yes, that’s good news. Let’s hope that the official pardon is respected by others in their community. Or at least, let’s hope that the couple can find a safe place to start over, free from harassment.

    Kathryn, it doesn’t surprise me that Malawian officials would deny a trans woman that status. I’m not extremely well-versed in Malawian gender norms, but most countries in sub-Saharan Africa are EXTREMELY conservative, sometimes even brutal in that respect. That goes for Xtian, Muslim and traditional societies alike, with few exceptions.

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