12 Modern Male Philosophers

There’s a new book out about 12 modern philosophers. And guess what? They’re all male. Leiter’s done a poll asking which of these (or other philosophers) is likely to be read in a century. “Others not in the book” comes in at number 4, and there are some women in that category (Leiter, to his credit, suggested Nussbaum as a possibility).

I’d like to think that a century from now philosophers will look back and be amazed that women’s contributions were for so long neglected, and that books like this were compiled. Who will be the women remembered? I don’t know at all, just as I don’t know at all which men will be remembered. (I’m always amazed by people who can form views on these things!) But if you do have thoughts about women who might be remembered, head on over and suggest them!

(Thanks, Lani, Balk and Catherine!)