Lesbian parenting

A long-term study of children born into lesbian families that discovered they grow up to be psychologically well-adjusted teenagers has been published in the journal Pediatrics. You can download the study from this site. The study was funded by various queer rights advocacy groups, which of course has led to criticism from some quarters. It’s worth remembering that many studies – including medical studies – are paid for by institutions that have a vested interest in the results. But this does not automatically mean that the results are biased.

‘Hairy pussy hat’

There are many stages involved in bringing a new product to the market. First, someone must have an idea for a product. Then someone must design that product. The product must then be presented to someone – usually a committee of people – who decide whether or not the product is worth producing. At some point, a prototype of the product must be produced. After the product has been produced by a company, it then needs to be marketed to further companies who will sell it. So a person, or people from the first company who produced the item must present the product to a buyer or buyers from a second company who decides whether or not to stock that product. Eventually, the product must be sold to members of the public. As you can see, there are a lot of different people involved in designing, producing, and selling some item. So what on earth was going through all of their heads when they came up with this??!!:

The delightful ‘hairy pussy hat’ is being sold by Amazon. When I checked the page earlier, the advert section was suggesting it as a lovely gift for your dad on Fathers’ Day.

Regular readers of this blog will be unsurprised to hear that the wonderful J-Bro was responsible for sourcing this tasteful item, so thanks to him. Thanks also to Jender, who immediately thought of me when she saw it.