On breasts and the vagaries of fashion

Apparently Playboy has an article on the changes in breast fashions over the years. Jezebel has a post up on it, which makes the following claim:

Society’s entire obsession with breasts is bizarre, but it’s particularly strange that they’re the only body part that can go out of style.

What this means, I think, is that it’s the only body part for which didn’t shapes go in and out of style. I don’t think this is true, though– there are periods when rounded hips are in and periods when boyish hips are in, for example. And I’ve even read that ancient Greeks preferred small penises. Your thoughts? Or facts?

(Thanks for the link, Bets!)

One thought on “On breasts and the vagaries of fashion

  1. I read the post to see why anyone would say that and concluded it was just the kind of overly hasty cultural commentary we all lapse into when focused on a topic. For facts, one need only look at the trade journals of cosmetic surgeons which neatly track trends in butt implants, lip implants (Geena Davis made those popular, then there was a reduction –puny!– in requests, but then Angelina Jolie came along), chin implants, make-up tatooing and dear heavens, do not get me started on EYEBROWS! Talk about a body part that goes in and out of fashion.

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