What to give father?

Sunday is Father’s Day in some countries.  If you haven’t decided on a gift yet, Nicholas Kristof has  some great suggestions.  I’m leaning toward sponsoring a  African giant pouch rat that can sniff out land mines or help diagnosis TB; $36 will feed one for a year.  But there are lots of projects you can choose among at  globalgiving.  And don’t miss the other father-friendly sites Kristof lists.

In case you are interested, here’s a presentation from the Ecconomist on the rats:

5 thoughts on “What to give father?

  1. oh! the hero rats are wonderful. and what a wonderful example of working humanely with animals.

  2. Thanks, elp. I have worried a little bit about the rats’ attitudes to regular work, but they do get treats.

    Rats are rather wonderful, I gather, if not exactly at their best in the garbage. I know several young people who have befriended rats and come to value them a lot. When my son was at Reed, it was quite the thing to have a pet rat to take to class.

    trendy pets are also, of course, a worry…

  3. i had a pet rat as an undergrad. i loved him. he was fascinating. (he wasn’t hand-reared, so he wasn’t keen on socialising w humans. but he was brilliant to watch!)

  4. Yes, but that’s Reed.

    I can imagine it would be comforting to have a little animal in one’s pocket, as long as it was by choice. I wonder if one could make a case for a rat’s being a service animal.

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