Getting involved in experimental philosophy

This is a great opportunity; it comes from Yale but this description is from Pea Soup:

For Experimental Philosophers Needing Help with the Experimental Part…The Experiment Month initiative is a program designed to help philosophers conduct experimental studies. If you are interested in running a study, you can send your study proposal to the Experiment Month staff. Then, if your proposal is selected for inclusion, we will conduct the study online, send you the results and help out with any statistical analysis you may need. All proposals are due Sept. 1.
For further information, see the Experiment Month website here.

If you are interested:  I’ve just worked a great young colleague trying to show faculty how to get involved in using a new technique; he’s stressed over and over that you need to look at the relevant research!!  Go over to the Experimental Philosophy site (see our  blog roll), look at the resources, and start to compile a bibliography.  It’s very hard to define a question well unless you know what the technique can do.

You might want to look at the discussion of whether women have different philosophical intuitions from those of men.  Here’s one place where we consider some of that.  Do follow through on the links on the experimental work that the post has.