Women in Metaphysics!

We’ve several times called attention to conferences and volumes which help to perpetuate the false view that there aren’t women in metaphysics. But increasingly often we’re getting the far happier job of calling attention to really excellent-looking metaphysics conferences with lots of women! Hopefully this is a sign that things are really changing. Check out the upcoming SPAWN conference at Syracuse, organised by Andre Gallois, Kris McDaniel and Joshua Spencer. And then check out the Carolina Metaphysics Workshop, organised by Laurie Paul. Hurrah! (Thanks, EB and MM!)

6 thoughts on “Women in Metaphysics!

  1. ISBN:978-1-60911-248-6
    Press Release: April 19,2010

    Have studies metaphysics for many years. Metaphysics has given me the understanding of myself and my connection with God and the universe


  2. This is great to see. Also, much of “Continental” feminism engages with metaphysics and epistemology. I hope to see more of this work categorized as such…. I am always working against the presupposition that if you are a feminist philosopher, you do ethics or perhaps politics. Hogwash, we do it all, and some of us like ethics as much as a typical five year old likes eggplant.

  3. I’ve been wondering for some time why the Mad Meta-ethics conference had so few women as speakers, and I see I am wondering still. The BSPC conference on the other hand, is very encouraging.

  4. MA, I agree that the number is low; compared, however, to many conferences we’ve covered, it is better in that it at least has 3 women philosophers. Furthermore, the Routledge Intro to Ethics, just recently publised, has 4 women out of 68, and I believe no women in metaethics.

    It is, of course, very unfortunate that such low numbers look comparatively good. I’m wondering if there’s something at work in ethics, where after all there are so many very good women philosophers. Perhaps that fact leads people to think they don’t have to pay any attention to gender, and then ironically gender prejudice gets a stronger say. This just crossed my mind, but it might be worth considering.

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