The Sunday cat is on vacation, but

that didn’t seem a reason not to pass on some useful information that PJ, DS and JT each sent in.  And that’s about catios, enclosed patios for cats.

According to the NY Times, there is a variety of ways one can go to create a safe outdoor place for a cat.  We recommend the article and the easy-to-put together Kitty Walk prefabricated catios.    With the latter, however, we do have one qualification:  cats are dedicated escape artists.  The Kitty Walk gazebo is hand constructed and our cats quickly found vulnerable spots. 

Below is a pic of Tarragon in the Kitty Walk gazebo we got from  We had decided not to use it after he and Basil dismantled some of it, but when Tarry lept from the 20th floor balcony (here depicted) down to the 19th, we thought again and wired together the parts they had separated.