Travelling overseas to a conference?

And worried you’ll be stuck with all those dreary passport and laptop holders that shriek “men’s business world”?

This is where the Feminist Philosophers’  gendered product posts can get really useful.  For example, we’ve uncovered the Fluff line (available on, of course).  Here’s just the right passport holder

and matching laptop bag.  Won’t your laptop feel cosy?  Why you know that you will stand right out among the girls.

If you’re thinking more adult, you might want to get a whole luggage set from Heys.  Think of   entering  the conference hotel as making a statement about in-the-street gender representations:

12 thoughts on “Travelling overseas to a conference?

  1. devil’s advocate: you wouldn’t have to play the which-black-wheely-bag-is-mine game.

  2. Frequent flyer viewpoint: you’re a lot more likely to have your carryon bag put in one of those sizing things if it looks like that, and if you check it, it’ll look like hell after the baggage handlers get through with it.

  3. j-bro: Why is that? I know there are mutterings on about the lack of durability of Heys luggage. (I went to look for handy things that might lessen the amount I have strewn around Europe next week.)

    elp: some of the Fluff luggage tags might solve the identification problem. You could hang the cutest frog from a handle. And there is a very special Barbie one!!

  4. @jj: With a flat painted surface like that, it’ll be covered in scuffs, scratches, and indelible smudges in no time. I go with basic black nylon fabric. Still gets scuffed, but it’s not so obvious. I’ve got a bag that’s survived a couple hundred thousand miles of flights and some serious abuse with minor visible scrapes. I use it as a carryon, but still. I can’t say enough about how well it’s worked for me.

    It’s the older version of this:

    And yeah, it does look like everyone else’s, but that’s why they’ve never made me put it in the sizer. (Which it wouldn’t pass, btw, so I’d recommend the 20″ especially if you’re traveling in the EU. Note that it fits in overheads, wheels in or out, just fine.) We’ve just tied some red yarn to it so it’s easier to spot.

    There are lighter and more expensive bags, like Briggs & Riley, so if you’ve got the budget that’s an option too.

  5. J-Bro, the travelpro crew is lovely; I’d be partial to the dusty rose, but of course that would mean the spouse wouldn’t use it ever. (We all have our limitations.)

    Unfortunately, you were too late. I got the samsonite silhouette 20 inch. I was look for a solution to 2 problems: weight and ease of handling. There are a lot of people on the web saying that they are very happy with a spinner; they have 4 wheels which turn in any direction. We’ll see.

    I know travelpro durability is fantastic; I think the samsonite should be alright. It was about $40 dollars more, but the bigger expense was hand luggage made to go with it that has a part which fits over the handle, so they are tucked securely together.

    I’ve actually gotten worried about luggage, since I’ve recently been needing to ask for help too much. I don’t feel it is especially safe. One thing that has been great has been the kindle; normally I’d be carrying 4 or 5 books too – mostly fat philosophy texts – and that can add nearly 10 pounds.

  6. I’ve seen the rollaboard spinners in use, and they’re great in airplane aisles. My concern has been fragility (my bag’s been pulled down dirt roads and across gravel, tied to the back of a donkey, dropped down stairs etc.). Those wheels are pretty exposed, but in normal travel it should be fine. Let me know how it works out.

  7. I would also worry about exposed wheels. I carry on a backpack (good for fending off osteoporosis) and use a wheeled duffel to ship through (the wheels are not exposed). I’ve seen wheels ripped off several times on other people’s luggage being dragged through airports or spat out onto carousels of checked-through luggage. Our wheeled duffels have been thrown into and out of the backs of pickup trucks, dragged through trails and mud, and dumped out of helicopters – like a Timex, they “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ “

  8. J-Bro: I’m worried about fragility too. I’ll let you know.
    I’m wondering if there will be at donkey at the next conference.

  9. j, I wondered about wheeled duffels, though for different reasons. I’m feeling worryingly effete.

  10. jj – dunno about donkeys at your conference – but surely there will be an ass or two…

  11. j, as in “Stop being a jackass or I’ll strap my Samsonite Silhouette 20″ spinner to your back!”

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