Get a God app

This should make classroom discussion lots and lots of fun.  Instead of thinking, students and teachers will be able to summon up points from their iphones and read them out!

From the NY Times:

Publishers of Christian material have begun producing iPhone applications that can cough up quick comebacks and rhetorical strategies for believers who want to fight back against what they view as a new strain of strident atheism. And a competing crop of apps is arming nonbelievers for battle. …

Users can scroll from topic to topic to prepare themselves or, in the heat of a dispute, search for the point at hand — and the perfect retort.

Software creators on both sides say they are only trying to help others see the truth. But most applications focus less on scholarly exegesis than on scoring points.

It does sound like a philosophical discussion in the making.

I think I’ll go have a look at The Bible Thumper.  It’s got lots of silly and/or irrational passages from the Bible.