Help for your marriage

Everyone knows that marital difficulties boil down to one thing: husbands farting in bed. Thank goodness, then, for this wonderful item – a duvet containing a carbon filter, to remove all the noxious gases emitting from his behind!

(If anyone knows whether or not this is a real product, do let us know.)

3 thoughts on “Help for your marriage

  1. Lol!! I don’t think it’s real. They make some pretty outrageous claims for $29.95. I think it’s just a joke, but it’s a good joke.

  2. It’s real, but won’t work. For a undergrad chem project I analyzed the “scent-lock” hunting clothes (they are supposed to work the same way. (I went to school in Alaska if that explains the odd project – another one involved bioactive compounds in AK blueberries).

    The carbon is not like a thin film, it’s more like little chunks randomly distributed (lots of spaces for “gas” to get through), and you cannot recharge it in a dryer. To recharge carbon charcoal you would have to bring it up to temps that would cause the rest of the garment/blanket to burst into flames.

    Sorry if any of you were counting on this new technology, it’s a gimmick.

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