Women’s (Philosophical) Works

Rachel sends us a link to this website:

The Women’s Works provides a list of papers, books or chapters that could be used in undergraduate teaching, so that if an instructor wants to include more work by women in a syllabus, it is easier to do so. The site can be searched using Google, or papers can be listed by philosophical area or by author.

It was created by Cynthia Townley, Mitch Parsell and Albert Atkin. They write:

We were awarded a Macquarie University Learning and Teaching grant “Seeing Herself as a Philosopher” to develop the database. In 2009-10, we used the funds to employ a research assistant – Swantje Lorrimer – who has done most of the work compiling the recommendations. The content has been supplied by many individuals who responded to our requests for suggestions.

This seems like a great idea. Looking around a bit, it looks like the offerings are still a bit sparse (at least in the areas I checked). But they urge readers to send in suggestions. I’ve done so already, and you should too!