Lovelace, Curie T-Shirts

Surely you need something new to help you cope with the heat.

Thinkgeek have a new Heroine series, in which they’ve made up two teeshirts celebrating two wonderful ladies: Marie Curie (discovered radioactivity) and Ada Lovelace (invented computer programming).

They’re not only very lovely teeshirts, but the sale of each also donates a dollar to The Girl Effect, an organisation dedicated to helping girls out of the cycle of abuse, poverty and second-class citizenship.

Thanks, J-Bro!

2 thoughts on “Lovelace, Curie T-Shirts

  1. Ooh. I just ordered the Lovelace one – thanks! I’ll note here that their sizing chart indicates that “M” and “L” etc., correspond differently to the U.S. women’s numbering than I’ve always seen, so it’s probably worth paying attention.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I can only hope they will have a t-shirt of Hipparchia.

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