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Worried about car theft? July 13, 2010

Filed under: appearance,gendered products — Jender @ 8:45 am

Buy a pink one. (Thanks, J-Bro!)


4 Responses to “Worried about car theft?”

  1. J Says:

    Or a bright yellow one (at least in the US)

  2. Cessen Says:

    Ha ha. Yup. :-)

    Although I wonder if it isn’t more likely to get vandalized that way.

  3. J-Bro Says:

    Bright yellow isn’t that uncommon a color for Corvettes in the US. Our office parking lot has had two, one driven by a woman and one by a man.

    Personally I don’t buy fast cars in a bright color because it would attract more speed enforcement attention, but maybe these people bought them for the looks and don’t drive them fast.

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