8 thoughts on “Women Priests and Sex Abuse

  1. Good gawdamighty! These people live in an alternate reality….it boggles the mind…..

  2. I saw that, and my first thought was “do these guys work the same way Congress does, where all this unrelated stuff gets crammed into one bill”?

  3. This is sad and sickening. And surely a huge public relations mistake.

    Still, it may be that the sense in which the two are comparable sins is fairly arcane and doesn’t really have the implications we think it does. They’re comparable in the sense that they get a similar classification in canon law. That doesn’t mean the pope thinks each wrecks the same amount of havoc.

    In fact, though, from what I see in liberal catholic opinion, one can argue that the pope does really think that the evils they do are the same, since each is a huge threat to the perservation of the male control of the church. And that control is what really matters.

  4. J-Bro: re the thought that lots of things get ‘crammed into one bill’, as it were.

    The thought seems to be (I’m not quite sure I understand it fully) that there are two kinds of wrongs, moral and sacramental, the latter being wrongs which priests can commit (presumably there’s an overlap between the two lists, i.e. some wrongs can be committed by both priests and non-priests – so child abuse would feature on both lists, attempted ordination of women only on the latter). The author of the commentary linked below writes:

    ‘I don’t think (though I may be wrong) that any official Catholic would maintain that assisting at the ordination service of a woman is morally comparable to child abuse. It’s just that both are absolutely incompatible with the Catholic priesthood.’

    So, the list on which child abuse and attempted ordination of women appear isn’t one of wrongs of comparable seriousness, but rather a list of wrongs which priests can commit (and thereby should be dealt with by the vatican?).

    Does this seem right to those who know more than I?

    (Obviously, I don’t mean to defend the list – attempted ordination of women shouldn’t be on either.)

    Full write up referred to above here:

  5. It still seems bizarre that they released them together. They’re totally separate topics, at least to a non-Catholic observer with no background in Canon Law.

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