Good news re the ‘No Recourse’ rule

Under the ‘no recourse to public funding’ rule, many migrant women living in the UK (including asylum seekers and women on spousal visas) are unable to access important state benefits. This includes the kind of public funding needed to pay for places in women’s refuges, meaning that many women face significant barriers in accessing help and support in escaping violence.

Amnesty’s End Violence Against Women campaign reports:

that on Friday the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced that she would extend the current No Recourse pilot project until March 2011. This enables women trapped in violent relationships by the ‘no recourse’ rule to access protection from which they would otherwise have been turned away.

Even better, she said that she would then be working on a permanent solution. The Home Secretary made this pledge despite the cuts climate, saying “some things are too important”. This is great news.

More at LC.

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