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Ways for women to be immodest July 30, 2010

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according to some Christian dudes who were surveyed:

Bend over to pick something up
Wear a bag with the strap across your chest
Wear a shirt with a message on the front
Allow your breasts to bounce
Wear tights with designs
Wear shirts with chest pockets
Wear jeans with decorative stitching on the rear

I never knew that I was so sexy. But I want more. I’m gonna go get me some pocket shirts, now that I know they’re hot. (Will pocket protectors make them even hotter?)

Jezebel rightly draws out a serious point from this:

This is a great deal of self-monitoring for girls. Not just when they shop, but when they get dressed, and all day as they move, and with constant re-evaluation of their clothes and how they fit. But, the rationale is, they must be vigilant and obey these rules in order to protect guys from the power of all bodies (both their own sexiness, and men’s biological response to it). Guys are burdened with lust, they insist.

Thanks, J-Bro!


Women in Philosophy: Stuff to read!

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I should have known about this before, but somehow I missed it. Probably you didn’t, but just in case…

The APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, Spring 2009 contains SIX fabulous articles on the under-representation of women in philosophy.

MIRIAM SOLOMON AND JOHN CLARKE , “CSW Jobs for Philosophers Employment Study”
KATHRYN J. NORLOCK , “Love to Count: Arguments for Inaccurately Measuring the Proportion of Philosophers Who Are Women”
JANET A. KOURANY , “Why Are Women Only 21% of Philosophy?: Introduction to the Panel Presentations”
ELIZABETH K. MINNICH , “Women in Philosophy: 21% of What?”
SHARON CRASNOW , “What Do the Numbers Mean?”
ABIGAIL J. STEWART , “What Might Be Learned from Recent Efforts in the Natural Sciences?”

And the Fall 2009 Newsletter contains FIVE excellent articles on strategies to help women in philosophy:

ROBIN S. DILLON , “Strategizing Changes in the Culture and Ideology of Philosophy: An Introduction”
ANN GARRY , “What is on Women Philosophers’ Minds?”
“Drafting Peer Support: The Promise and Perils of an Online Draft Exchange”
“Women in the Profession: The Persistence of Absence”
“Sharing Strategies for Succeeding as a Feminist Philosopher”

Happy reading!!


Heartwarming line of the day

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“Well, they should just give you rings. Marriage is easy to understand. Welcome home.”

The full story is here. (Thanks, Kitchen-chick!)


Controversial statement of the day

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“Pregnant women have the same rights as other adults.”

Once more, this rather plausible claim is under fire.



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