Ways for women to be immodest

according to some Christian dudes who were surveyed:

Bend over to pick something up
Wear a bag with the strap across your chest
Wear a shirt with a message on the front
Allow your breasts to bounce
Wear tights with designs
Wear shirts with chest pockets
Wear jeans with decorative stitching on the rear

I never knew that I was so sexy. But I want more. I’m gonna go get me some pocket shirts, now that I know they’re hot. (Will pocket protectors make them even hotter?)

Jezebel rightly draws out a serious point from this:

This is a great deal of self-monitoring for girls. Not just when they shop, but when they get dressed, and all day as they move, and with constant re-evaluation of their clothes and how they fit. But, the rationale is, they must be vigilant and obey these rules in order to protect guys from the power of all bodies (both their own sexiness, and men’s biological response to it). Guys are burdened with lust, they insist.

Thanks, J-Bro!

7 thoughts on “Ways for women to be immodest

  1. I think all guys have something against the whole bag with a strap around your chest thing (for their women at least). I’ve found that through my history of boyfriends, many of them didn’t like when I put the strap between my boobs, it was too “suggestive.” ..eh.

  2. Golly, never thought about that strep across chest thing, let alone most of those others.
    What about safety belts? Sexy to wear? hmm?

  3. It strikes me too, that since women’s bodies are culturally conceptualized as objects to be displayed, it’s really difficult for women not to display them. Thus even simple actions like stretching, and bending over to pick things up are then construed as bodily displays, and are therefore immodest.

    Anonymous, if you follow the link to the Jezebel article, there is a link to the survey website – the The Rebelution.

  4. I’d expect good Christian women to wear modest pumps on social occasions. But nothing is said here about patent leather pumps that reflect one’s underwear. O dear. Do you think the nuns were wrong to warn us about them?

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