Heard the one about the German breast-oggling study?

No? Well where have you been for the past ten years, since that’s how long the story seems to have been circulating. It’s now resurfaced on this website. In short, the story claims that a German research team led by Dr. Karen Weatherby have discovered that staring at a woman’s breasts increases a man’s life span, and is pretty much the same as doing aerobic exercise. The study was allegedly published in the New England Journal of Medicine. But surprise, surprise, no such article was published in the journal. Nor do there appear to be any entries on medical article databases for Weatherby. The only source for the story seems to be this tabloid news story, where the research is credited to a Dr. Franz Epping. He doesn’t appear in the New England Journal of Medicine, or on any other medical article databases either. You can read more about the hoax here. Thanks to J-Bro.

5 thoughts on “Heard the one about the German breast-oggling study?

  1. I fell for it, as you know. But I should have known it was a hoax: if it was real it would have included claims about our ancestors evolving to ogle breasts.

  2. Indeed it would, Jender! Upright posture, forward-looking eyes, there ya go! And of course females would evolve to also have upright posture to assist with the viewing…. Can’t come up with any other reason for upright posture, can you? (and of course bipeds would have free hands, too, for….erm….ahem…checking for silicone?)

  3. I saw this tested on an episode of the Brainiacs show on Sky (sort of a UK version of Mythbusters, for those who never saw it) some years back. If I recall correctly, the results suggested that staring at female breasts conferred some aerobic benefit (on men, anyway), but nowhere near as much as conventional aerobic exercise. Still, given the obesity epidemic, we shouldn’t be setting the bar too high.

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