More anti-immigration laws in France

From Reel Aesthete:

[1.] Two days ago, Sarkozy ordered the expulsion of Gypsies living in France illegally, saying their camps should be “systematically evacuated.” That order came after police clashed this month with Roma in the Loire Valley following the shooting death of a youth fleeing police. The pronouncement caused special outrage because Sarkozy singled out a particular ethnic group in a country official that’s official blind to ethnic origins…

[2.] Sarkozy traveled to Grenoble Friday for the induction ceremony of a new prefect, Eric Le Douaron, and used the occasion to announce a new get-tough approach to delinquency that notably hits hard on immigrants who disobey the law. “French nationality should be earned. One must know how to be worthy of it,” the president said. French nationality should be revoked “from any person of foreign origin who voluntarily threatens the life of a police officer” or other public authority, he said.

And that’s on top of the Burka Ban.

For more, see here.

5 thoughts on “More anti-immigration laws in France

  1. Indeed it does. I copied in haste, rather than editing, which was a mistake. Fixing it now.

  2. !!! So France is the new Italy now?!
    On the other hand, it’s kind of nice to finally hear the truth straight from Sarkozy’s mouth: one must prove oneself worthy of French nationality, which can be revoked at will by (presumably) police.

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