One thought on “Girl Guides call for airbrushed photos to be labelled

  1. Here’s the full text of the petition:

    “Girlguiding UK calls upon the Prime Minister David Cameron to introduce compulsory labelling to distinguish between airbrushed and natural images to help combat the rise of eating disorders and shape a generation of self confident girls and young women.”

    While I take their point, the petition as written is poorly drafted. It’s overbroad in one respect and not broad enough in another.

    It’s overbroad, because it would be tremendous overreaching to, for example, require artists to label their works in exhibitions if they have used techniques that might fall under “airbrushing”. Regulating images used in advertisements, on product packaging, or (in some cases) on magazine covers makes sense; requiring labeling of retouched photos in art galleries is ridiculous.

    It’s not broad enough because the term “airbrushing” doesn’t really cover the full range of image modification techniques available today.

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