This is fun!

Iris Murdoch on philosophy and literature.  The interviewer is Brian McGee. 

There’s a second part that comments on the first say is much better.  Be good and you may get to see it.  ;-)

I haven’t been able to watch all of it, but since I’m off for a while, I thought I’d put it and see the rest later.  One thing I’m wondering about is how distinctly Wittgensteinian the conception of philosophy she articulates is.   Do her descriptions fit analytic philosophy generally?


MARY ANNE WARREN, In Memoriam: addition

Addition: See Rob Wilson’s further comments here.  In them he notes that there isn’t much on the web about MAW; he would welcome additional material. 

The following comes from SWIP-L.  We relay it with sadness:

It is with great sadness I share the news of the death of  long-term SWIPer,
Feminist Philosopher, and friend, Mary Anne Warren. She passed away  on August 9th at home, with her husband Michael Scriven by her side. Her will to live couldn’t be
stronger and her love of life was undiminished by her illness.

Mary Anne  was an amazing, talented, kind, and adventuresome woman.
Not only did she make a contribution to the field of Philosophy and to
Feminism, she helped keep SWIP alive all those years there were just a few of us
at the meetings. So many stories we could tell.

Her work in Philosophy has already changed the field and
moved it forward to a more inclusive way of thinking. There
is no doubt that she will continue to have more impact.

May all the memories of dear Mary Anne help carry us through the sadness of our

(Submitted by Wanda Teays)