Result of Advice

Remember a few days ago, when a reader wanted some advice regarding what to do when people use the wrong title? You might be wondering what happened as a result of all your excellent advice. Well, now we know:

I thought readers might be interested in the rest of the Dr/Mrs saga. Remember? The person who addressed me as Mrs after seeing my name on an academic website in connection with a conference I was organising? [And thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments and suggestions!!!!!]

In the end I chose the nice approach. I wrote ‘Dear Dr xxxx’ and mentioned in the email both how organising this conference was part of my post-doctoral research project, and that I had done my PhD in this topic. (hint, hint, hint)

His response was stunning. It went:

“Dear Ms/Mrs [my lastname], Dear [firstname], rest email”

I am completely and utterly baffled. I really don’t know what to say. I think I am just going to file this in my head as an anomaly.

Anyway, i thought the site might want to be updated on the result – with thanks again for posting and commenting.