The Sunday Cat returns in style

Though she’s stopped in from time to time, the Sunday cat has been on vacation for the summer.  But now she returns, multiply instantiated in fashions from the innovative designers at United Bamboo.  (The Calendar and the clothes are on sale.)




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Thanks to PJ!

Conference on Life and Choice

Open Heart, Open Minds and Fair Minded Words
A Conference on Life & Choice in the Abortion Debate
Princeton University – October 15 & 16, 2010
Inspired by President Obama’s call during his Notre Dame address for those on different sides of the abortion issue not only to work together where we agree, but also to engage in “vigorous debate” with “open hearts, open minds, and fair minded words.”

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Puzzling comment of the week?

The full article is here.

The Sydney Morning Herald

By Katherine Fielden

I grew up believing the great feminist fairytale that young women just need a pinch of luck, a spoonful of talent and lots of hard work to achieve success in the workplace. If things went wrong, a fairy godmother would magically appear to set me on the right path.

Have you ever heard such a message from a feminist source? 

Mind you, the author goes on to talk about horrible kinds of women bosses; perhaps we’re reading a not very subtle anti-feminist?