Puzzling comment of the week?

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The Sydney Morning Herald

By Katherine Fielden

I grew up believing the great feminist fairytale that young women just need a pinch of luck, a spoonful of talent and lots of hard work to achieve success in the workplace. If things went wrong, a fairy godmother would magically appear to set me on the right path.

Have you ever heard such a message from a feminist source? 

Mind you, the author goes on to talk about horrible kinds of women bosses; perhaps we’re reading a not very subtle anti-feminist?

4 thoughts on “Puzzling comment of the week?

  1. h, thanks. That’s certainly possible. Maybe in a similar vein she might be referring to the idea that women can have it all.

  2. No no, the ‘feminist fairytale’ is that a fairy-godmother, i.e., another woman, will back you up and help you out. Part of me is sympathetic to the writer finding out what everyone finds out, which is that membership in a gender or any other group is no guarantee of goodness. The other part of me wants to lean down from my middle-aged perch and tell the young’un, “Next time you call someone an old crone, I’ll hit you with my broom.” But there, look at me, failing to back her up like the fairy-godmother I am. Ha ha!

  3. I think this is clearly an anti-feminist. Its a well-established ploy to set an unrealistic scene and call it ‘feminist’ then critique it. The term ‘feminist’ has become the bearer of so many fantasies; no two people seem to mean the same thing by it.

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