The Sunday Cat returns in style

Though she’s stopped in from time to time, the Sunday cat has been on vacation for the summer.  But now she returns, multiply instantiated in fashions from the innovative designers at United Bamboo.  (The Calendar and the clothes are on sale.)




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Thanks to PJ!

7 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat returns in style

  1. fr, I hope you are not buying into prejudiced views about black cats, luck, etc.

    My cats into into my clothes whenever possible. O course, jewelry is highly prized by many felines. Besides, don’t these look like professional cats?

  2. Well, professional or not I suppose that I was lamenting the plight of these poor moggies who might now have to try to climb trees with their skirts on. As we all know it’s incredibly difficult to scale a tree and maintain one’s dignity whilst wearing a skirt.

  3. Christ that’s pathetic. Or is it sick? Certainly it is sentimental and fetishistic. Perhaps we can summarise by saying it is completely fucked up and wrong.

  4. OnAnon, Can’t it be a joke? I’m less sure than you seem that it’s meaning is fixed. It might,e.g., be taken as a whimsical comment on the semi-exploitation of cute cats that’s going on all over the web. These cats at least are not being made fun of.

    It is true that they almost certainly used professional cats, but it is quite different from using exhausted horses in Central Park to convey romance.

  5. Actually, I think some of them are just visually beautiful in simple terms – placement, balance, colors, space occupied.

    Sorry to sound defensive. It does, however, have the endorsement of jj and jj-son as a joke. Should we withdraw it?

  6. Aw, I rather like it. My younger siblings and I inflicted similar indignities on the family cat without any apparent ill effects. As far as I can tell, the cats in the pictures are healthy and relaxed.

    I also have to say, I really like the second cat from the top. Lovely colors, nice composition, and the super-serious facial expression is just brilliant.

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