Do smart and successful women have crappy love lives?

It’s a media meme that never dies. But Women’s e-News has a very nice article debunking it. A sample:

Take the “fact” that women with high IQs are “too smart to marry,” as The Atlantic magazine put it. Almost none of the stories with the scare headlines reported that the data were gathered from men and women born in 1921. The women are all now in their 80s.

Should a study of octogenarian women be taken as the reality of today’s young people? Of course not.

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5 thoughts on “Do smart and successful women have crappy love lives?

  1. Paglia and her My Name Is Earl flavour of philosophy again? Maybe she failed to mention the date of the original study because she was too busy sourcing herself? Oh well, she’s always good for a laugh. She has kind of a Daisy of Love effect on the rest of us Nouveau Pauvre types that Old Money is always griping at our government about for allowing us into higher education. If that fool (Paglia and the “Reality” tv stars I’m comparing her to) can “live the dream”, get published, get the girl, the guy or what have you, then maybe there’s hope for the rest of us trailer park types. At the very least we can watch in rubberneck amazement and say DUH! I’m glad I’m not dumb enough to show my face/print my name when I say/do/write something THAT messed up!

    If what I’m seeing around this place is any indication, smart girls do get the most charming bachelors. If I had a dollar for every time I had to struggle to keep my inner cougar from embarassing me in front of some yummy student prof or TA, only to be thoroughly deflated by some hottie PhD candidate that somehow manages to be all that and still look like she’s 18… Meh. Keeps the inner cougar on her belly. She’s easier to deal with that way.

    Blame it on my epic Milli Vanilli-esque levels of cognitive dissonance or anything else you can find, but I’m kinda glad my only prospects are 60-year-old creeps with no money. I’m so used to quasi-spinsterhood punctuated by brief sparring matches with the boys that I don’t think I could remember how to charm a man into respecting me in the morning anyway. Some women actually prefer their own company and their “intellectual offspring”. I’ve already done my breeding. Far from the “curse” that society tries so hard to make it with all these scary statistics about marriage past whatever age, cronehood is looking pretty inviting from where I am.

    A little old lady in tennis shoes with a long list of bestsellers, a penetrating wit and a knack for whooping the boys in a debate while still making them smile…yeah. I think that’s what I want to be when I grow up. Wifedom is highly overrated.

  2. Rob, is SO obviously run by a bunch of right wing fundies!! Keep going through their site and hitting their links and I KNOW you’ll find anti-choice rallies, gay and muslim bashing, donation grabs to rehabilitate strippers and purge demons from citizens of 3rd world countries and all the usual BS that those people are constantly peddling.

    I liked what Ariely had to say about commodifying relationships, though. I was surprised by the statistical evidence suggesting that men prefer slightly anorexic women. That hasn’t been my experience at all, but I’ve never looked for a partner online. My most comfortable body size is somewhere close to Bollywood, but not quite reubenesque. I have no trouble getting looked at. I find men are actually more vicious when I’m down under a size 4. I’m approached more often and by better looking men, but most of them are assholes about it.

    Maybe it’s because I’m the spitting image of Deborah Harry circa 1979-1983ish? (depending on hair&makeup) When my figure’s closer to what hers was around 1998, people have different expectations of me from the expectations they have of a skinny woman who looks like a barely remembered image of a heroin addict from back-in-the-day?(but a tres cool addict who got her shit together–unlike this new generation of trainwrecks for sale)

    Whatever the case with my personal dating experiences, the researchers nailed it when they pointed out that videos and profiles are not good predictors of real life compatibility. BMI is an absurd standard to try to build love around. Income isn’t much better. Good for Ariely for finding love that’s not based on skin deep attributes.

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