8 thoughts on “How to ask for a raise

  1. LOL, oh my gosh. That is an interesting connection to make. Advertisers must do their best to make a person feel they need their product I suppose.

  2. If your job typically involves XXX projects, this may be more important for your professional life than for most people’s.

  3. It’s interesting to think how the ad agency got this idea.
    I wonder if it’s also suppose to play on fears about gender and employment. Still, at least they’re just promoting a cosmetic approach, as opposed to surgery, say. (E.g., Worried about those days when the flow might overflow? You can put your fears and your uterus to a complete rest….)

  4. I believe this ad is playing intentionally on the empowerment-feminism angle. It’s still enduringly the case that most American women like to hear that just about everything empowers them. It’s a nice way to avoid thinking critically about feminism, see: Everything I do is already so assertive and empowering!

  5. profbk: in support, while the ad gives advice, it does so to a deserving person who has even made a different to the bottom line!

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