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How to ask for a raise August 27, 2010

Filed under: jobs — Jender @ 1:41 pm

How, exactly, do you keep the conversation from getting personal if it’s the sort of conversation where the smell of your lady parts makes a difference?

Via Boing Boing. (Thanks, Mr Jender!)


8 Responses to “How to ask for a raise”

  1. LaNeshe Says:

    LOL, oh my gosh. That is an interesting connection to make. Advertisers must do their best to make a person feel they need their product I suppose.

  2. Anon Says:

    #8: Focus on the things you’ve done to improve the bottom line.

  3. SeanH Says:

    If your job typically involves XXX projects, this may be more important for your professional life than for most people’s.

  4. Rob Says:

    In his new book, Baumeister cites this book in his discussion of salary differences:

  5. jj Says:

    It’s interesting to think how the ad agency got this idea.
    I wonder if it’s also suppose to play on fears about gender and employment. Still, at least they’re just promoting a cosmetic approach, as opposed to surgery, say. (E.g., Worried about those days when the flow might overflow? You can put your fears and your uterus to a complete rest….)

  6. profbigk Says:

    I believe this ad is playing intentionally on the empowerment-feminism angle. It’s still enduringly the case that most American women like to hear that just about everything empowers them. It’s a nice way to avoid thinking critically about feminism, see: Everything I do is already so assertive and empowering!

  7. jj Says:

    profbk: in support, while the ad gives advice, it does so to a deserving person who has even made a different to the bottom line!

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