The TA experience, though one perspective

The following is an instance of a youtube genre:  the Hitler Parody.  In these clips, scenes from a German film, “Der Untergang,” depicting his downfall, are given English subtitles.  The first one I saw was about peer review; Hitler had had a grant application rejected. 

Unfortunately, the film company asked that they be taken down, and the peer review one, with the wonderful line, “It’s always the third goddamn reviewer,” can no longer be played.  But the company seem to have given up, and there are now more than 5000 entries on youtube answering to “Hitler parody”.

See what you take of this mildly gendered take on being a TA:


Here’s a BBC discussion of the genre or, as they have it, the meme.

APA, pacific division deadline

Do you have a paper close to finished?  Not ready yet for journals, but certainly prepared enough for professional discussion?  Consider sending it off to the APA as a conference paper.

The deadline for a conference paper is Sept first.  This site gives you some useful links, including one to the online submission site. 

There’s only one small problem.  The guidelines for the paper are inaccessible, because the American Philosophical Association web site is not working.  As I say to colleagues in other departments, philosophers do not do efficiency.

I think the maximum length is 3000 words.  If anyone knows for sure, or has other useful information, please let us know.