APA, pacific division deadline

Do you have a paper close to finished?  Not ready yet for journals, but certainly prepared enough for professional discussion?  Consider sending it off to the APA as a conference paper.

The deadline for a conference paper is Sept first.  This site gives you some useful links, including one to the online submission site. 

There’s only one small problem.  The guidelines for the paper are inaccessible, because the American Philosophical Association web site is not working.  As I say to colleagues in other departments, philosophers do not do efficiency.

I think the maximum length is 3000 words.  If anyone knows for sure, or has other useful information, please let us know.

5 thoughts on “APA, pacific division deadline

  1. jj,
    I looked the other day when the service was working: it’s 3000 for a colloquium paper and 5000 for a symposium submission. I recall that you can submit the same paper, with the two different lengths, and it will count as a single submission. An abstract is also required (I think around 150 words, but don’t recall exactly).

  2. JT, thanks! I’d forgotten about the abstract and the symposium paper. I think you are right about the abstract’s length.

  3. What’s wrong with the APA? Luckily, I’m not trying to submit anything by a deadline, but I checked several times yesterday (I was just trying to access the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy), and it seems that none of their websites is up and running. Very frustrating!!

  4. Um, and the deadline is now 5:00 pm, rather than 12:00 midnight, as it used to be (as I just learned).

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