The TA experience, though one perspective

The following is an instance of a youtube genre:  the Hitler Parody.  In these clips, scenes from a German film, “Der Untergang,” depicting his downfall, are given English subtitles.  The first one I saw was about peer review; Hitler had had a grant application rejected. 

Unfortunately, the film company asked that they be taken down, and the peer review one, with the wonderful line, “It’s always the third goddamn reviewer,” can no longer be played.  But the company seem to have given up, and there are now more than 5000 entries on youtube answering to “Hitler parody”.

See what you take of this mildly gendered take on being a TA:


Here’s a BBC discussion of the genre or, as they have it, the meme.

4 thoughts on “The TA experience, though one perspective

  1. The BBC link doesn’t appear to be there.

    Thanks for this! Slightly gendered, yeah, but funny. It makes me realize how lucky I am that my TAing has been with professors I like in classes that interest me at least a little. On the other hand, since when do TAs get offices with comfy chairs? I need to get on that.

    Also, the original film, “Downfall”, is incredibly good.

  2. Michelle, thanks for the head’s up on the link; I think it’s in place now.

    I’m relieved that you didn’t find it offensive. I worried some might, though I checked with some friends.

    I was sort of hoping it would be more gendered, and we might discuss whether TA’s need lectures in how not to think about students.

  3. i think it’s hilarious. give that it’s *hitler* saying thing inappropriate things about female students, i can’t imagine anyone would take it as endorsing such talk/thinking. i think it’s very very funny.

  4. elp, thanks so much.

    I also found it very funny. It does raise for me the question: just why is this funny? This is what happens. I don’t think it is hitler who makes it funny; it’s the sort of thing one might laugh over with a friend, just starting with “And you know what they’ll do next? Change the time!”

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