“Violence and the Remaking of the Self”

The Chronicle of Higher Ed is reproducing its favorite ten essays of the decade.  One summarizes material from a book that was mentioned here recently.  It’s about the author’s experience with rape and violence on one day.  The author is the philosopher, Susan Brison.

I strongly recommend that everyone look at it.  We often hear of rapes like hers.  I think it may be too much of a burden on our empathy to count on ourselves to understand by ourselves what it is really like.

It’s hard to believe the courts in general have much knowledge of how hideous the crime is.

The Philosopher’s Magazine,

and particularly Ophelia Benson, marks its 50th publication with a look at the beginnings of some philosophy blogs.

It is good to see the blogs of philosophers who have come to comment here mentioned.  Check it out.

And I hope I would have mentioned this even if we weren’t mentioned.  It’s about philosophy and the public sphere, after all.  Etc.   And congratulations and thanks to Jender who started a blog that now counts as “prominent”.