The Philosopher’s Magazine,

and particularly Ophelia Benson, marks its 50th publication with a look at the beginnings of some philosophy blogs.

It is good to see the blogs of philosophers who have come to comment here mentioned.  Check it out.

And I hope I would have mentioned this even if we weren’t mentioned.  It’s about philosophy and the public sphere, after all.  Etc.   And congratulations and thanks to Jender who started a blog that now counts as “prominent”.

3 thoughts on “The Philosopher’s Magazine,

  1. Congratulations to all of you who have made this blog one of the very best philosophy blogs around! (It is my favorite philosophy blog in any case.) Not in any way surprising that it should be among the ‘prominent’ blogs :)

  2. Thanks, both of you! The TPM site seemed to be having problems much of the day– nice to finally get through and see it!

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