Curvy jeans

Built for real women’s curves! Like this:

Still, at least Levis shows some awareness of the fact that women have curves. When I was in a J Crew a few weeks ago, they had trousers in only “toothpick” and “matchstick” fit. (“Can I help you?”, the salesperson asked; “No, I really don’t think you can” I replied. I thought that was pretty polite– I even explained my reasons.)

For more, go here. Thanks, elp!

7 thoughts on “Curvy jeans

  1. ‘toothpick’ and ‘matchstick’? Ug. Maybe next season’s will include ‘dental floss’ or ‘nanoparticle’.

  2. Jender – the salesperson in J Crew is probably still trying to figure out your response…..

  3. I think the reporter in the article is confused–a size 34 waist, the largest size they make according to the article, translates into about a US size 16 or 18.

  4. I’m not sure she said they are made only in sizes 0-4; her point may have been that that’s the message from the models.

  5. You wonder why the Market isn’t working here. Even assuming that skinney women on the average have more money to spend on jeans–since, at least in the US fat is a class issue–there are so few women who could fit into the pants they’re selling that the consumer-base must be seriously limited.

    Also I personally get irritated by the rhetoric/euphemism of “curvy.” I’ve been more or less fat all my life but, even at my fattest I wore a size 16 SLIM. There is no such thing as a slim 16–at least not if you’re 5 feet tall like me. They need to avoid confusing size and shape.

  6. When a size 8 is identified as plus size (I came across that at some point), then I guess those jeans can be said to be for curvy women… my curves would never fit in though…
    This is so imprinted in our brain though that it operates even if we are conscious of these issues. Here is an interesting anecdote: walking in a mall the other day, I caught myself thinking “those mannequins are fat” looking at mannequins in a store for children’s clothes. I stopped and tried to figure out why I would ever think they were… the reason? They were a normal size for children BUT they were the same size as women mannequins in all other stores. Interesting no?

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