The AAUP on the two-body problem

The AAUP (American Association of University Professors) has issued a new set of recommendations on dual career couples.  There are lots of familiar ideas; perhaps at this stage it is going to be hard to invent some new solution.  However, the details are often what matter when you are dealing with such a situation, and the report looks at a number of details.

One thing that struck me was the emphasis on contingent faculty:  spousal hires should not be used as excuses for adding to contingent faculty, and lines created for spouses should not take a job away from a contingent faculty member, the guidelines maintain.

Not much attention is given to traditional vs. non-traditional partnerships, and they seem to be thinking of couples who have some legal status.  This seems to me very surprising, since clearly there are large opportunities for unequal treatment, which the AAUP should be concerned about.