Childcare at Conferences: talking about it makes a difference!

Jenny Saul tells us that her colleague Steve Laurence has decided to offer help with arranging childcare for his conference as a result of our blog posts! Just yesterday, the Culture and the Mind: Norms and Moral Psychology conference web site has had the following addition made:

If you need childcare in order to attend the conference, then we are happy to help you try to arrange this.

Three cheers to Steve Laurence & the the folks at The Hang Seng Centre. (Now: everybody else follow suit. Easy as pie. Thanks!)

In the history of bad ideas for higher ed, this one is a star

I’ve often heard people say of some problem the faculty are causing, “You’d never get away with this in industry, where you have to meet the bottom line.  But academia doesn’t have bottom lines.”  Well, think again.  From the CHE:

The Texas A&M University System is moving ahead with a controversial method of evaluating how much professors are worth, based on their salaries, how much research money they bring in, and how much money they generate from teaching, The Bryan-College Station Eagle reports.

Under the proposal, officials will add the money generated by each professor and subtract that amount from his or her salary to get a bottom-line value for each, according to the article.

I wonder what will be the universities’ equivalents of skimping to protecting the bottom line.  The gulf is a disaster zone because BP wasn’t exercising due responsibility, millions of eggs are recalled because of taint produced at filthy farms.  Maybe we should skip out on the last 200 years of science and let students learn the easier Newton.   Make “Philosophy for Dummies” the central text.  And so on.

The philosopher Jose Bermudez is now dean of Liberal Arts at A&M.  One wonders if this appointment could have been subversive?  Or a matter of co-opting.