The Sunday cat approaches the delicate topic

of sex and the neutered cat.

Let us start with masturbation.  Looking at Jezebel’s useful list of the ten worst masturbatory  experiences, we find an instructive tale for all cats:

Tarry is quick to learn new tricks.

 Earlier this week, I came home from work to find my male (neutered) cat aggressively humping one of the couch pillows. Startled by my presence, he stops, and I see the gears in his little head thinking, “Oh, fuck! What do I do? What do I do????!” He then hid under the couch for most of the evening until it was dinnertime. I told him that it was a natural thing and you should do it in private. He head butted me in gratitude for not yelling at him.

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  1. helenesch, o good! I thought the mother’s story was the best, but I see that the winner was also very good.

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