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Query from a reader September 7, 2010

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S writes:

Dear colleagues,

I am teaching philosophy at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), and I need some help in order to elaborate syllabi where women’s works appear. My aim is to follow Jennifer Saul’s recommendations in her “Unsconscious Bias and Women in Philosophy”. She proposes, amongst other things, including women’s works in syllabi, so stereotype threat can be reduced.
It is difficult to have access to women’s works, and that is why I am posting here. I would appreciate it if someone can suggest me women’s works on the following areas:

– general introductions to moral issues, free will, personal identity and the mind-body problem
– general introductions to philosophy of language
– embodied cognition
– the extended mind thesis

Thank you very much for your attention.

Post your suggestions in comments!


Homophobia costs athlete sponsorship

Filed under: glbt,language — Jender @ 11:56 am

Australian Olympic gold medalist Stephanie Rice, who won three gold medals in Beijing 2008 and holds the world record in the 400m individual medley, lost a major sponsorship from Jaguar over the weekend for sending out a tweet containing an anti-gay slur,

Good for Jaguar! (And thanks, Red-Eyed TreeFrog!)


Child Molesting Manual is Legal in US

Filed under: free speech — Jender @ 9:22 am

Shay Welch sent this story

A 170-page manual explaining step by step how to molest children which police in Orange County, Fla., believe has been circulating there for months, is not illegal. Investigators have stated that they still want to know where it came from.

Shocking and horrifying. But as far as I know bomb-making instructions are also legal.

Any thoughts from you free-speech experts out there?



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