2 thoughts on “Homophobia costs athlete sponsorship

  1. Good thing she didn’t tweet the Kookaburra Song.

    Anyway, her gay teammate, diving god Matt Mitcham (2008 10m gold), tried to draw the distinction between her harmful choice of words (which he reproached) and subjective homophobia (which he denied). Still, given the number of headlines like “Homophobia Costs Athlete Sponsorship”, his point is likely to be lost.

  2. Gay kookaburras?!? Lol, Nemo. Nice to see you have a “natural” sense of humour about these things ;-)

    I have to second the Good for Jaguar, though. Maybe Ms. Rice’s intention was to piss off the other team, and not the entire gay population of Australia, but anybody who tweets should have a better grasp on online ettiquette than that. And she’s also presented herself as a “sore winner”. I think it’s as much the rude gloating as the homophobic words that led Jaguar to withdraw their sponsorship. Equating “loser” with “sucking” AND homosexuality makes the comment triply degrading.

    Anybody who places third, fourth, or twenty-eighth is still a winner for making it into the Olympics at all. Maybe the harsh punishment will teach Ms. Rice to win graciously and lead by example. She’s not just a runner anymore. She’s a figurehead, and the position comes with duties and expectations that she has to live up to.

    She’s no Tonya Harding (or TH’s evil boyfriend–whoever they decided to blame for that), so I’ll still wish her good luck in buffering that competetive streak. And congratulations to the other winners she’s offended. They’ve all had more success than I’ll probably see in my lifetime.

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