Going Dutch

The Dutch norm is for parents to allow teenagers’ boyfriends/girlfriends to sleep over in their bedrooms. This would be shocking to most Americans. But it’s part of a more general attitude toward sex that emphasises the importance of autonomy, consent, communication, and avoidance of unwanted consequences. The result is very low rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies, and a greater tendency for teen sex to take place within ongoing relationships rather than outside them. For more, see here and here.

Censoring sexual services ads on Craigslist

J-Bro sends me this article, which argues that removing sexual services ads from Craigslist is exactly the wrong thing to do:

If you want to end human trafficking, if you want to combat nonconsensual prostitution, if you care about the victims of the sex-power industry, don’t cheer Craigslist’s censorship. This did nothing to combat the cycle of abuse. What we desperately need are more resources for law enforcement to leverage the visibility of the Internet to go after the scumbags who abuse. What we desperately need are for sites like Craigslist to be encouraged to work with law enforcement and help create channels to actually help victims. What we need are innovative citizens who leverage new opportunities to devise new ways of countering abusive industries. We need to take this moment of visibility and embrace it, leverage it to create change, leverage it to help those who are victimized and lack the infrastructure to get help. What you see online should haunt you. But it should drive you to address the core problem by finding and helping victims, not looking for new ways to blindfold yourself. Please, I beg you, don’t close your eyes. We need you.