Good News, Bad News for Canadian Women

The good news: Women do better than men academically at all levels from high school through university.

The bad news: Women in Canada earn less than two-thirds of what men do, a ratio that has scarcely budged in more than a decade and is well below that of other developed countries.

According to a story in the Globe and Mail: “The findings, contained in Education Indicators in Canada, a wide-ranging collection of data released by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, are partly the result of women often choosing less lucrative occupations than men – social work, say, as opposed to engineering – as well as entrenched biases in the workplace. Less clear is why, when compared to the 30 other countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada lags in pay equity. Experts, however, point to Canada’s less generous parental benefits and the fact that a higher percentage of Canadian women hold part-time jobs.”

The full story is here.

One thought on “Good News, Bad News for Canadian Women

  1. Thanks for the link: I’ve been away from the intarwebz (!) and missed it (!!).

    Slightly worse news for (male) Québeckers yesterday: 40% never manage to finish high school, one of the highest rates in the Western world. Similarly, it seems that male children in Québec have consistently less ambitious dreams than their female peers.

    Source: Globe and Mail []

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