14 thoughts on “We’re number three

  1. here’s the ranking thing that tom links to:

    i actually can’t tell what the numbers mean (other than one clearly has something to do with yahoo), but some of our numbers are *huge*! you don’t have to know what’s being quantified in order to be impressed by them, eh?! ;-)
    (more seriously, it can only be a good thing for feminist philosophy more broadly, so yay for us, and kudos to jender!)

  2. Oh yawn. We noticed our high rank just over a year ago in this post. I noticed that it even says Jender and I discussed it!!

    One might think of using the figures to, for example, show a department that feminist philosophy is getting attention.

  3. I hope it was clear I thought it was funny. And in fact that stats do change, so we can celebrate holding on to a lead.

    I probably would have forgotten too except I have been checking back over the last year on the figures. It’s the drive to the quantitative.

  4. Well, I hate that we have to rank everything all the time, and I always question the basis for the rankings, but in this case, I am happy for the high rank. Thanks for all the information you’ve posted that I have shared with students and colleagues!

  5. Congrats! I’m not sure what the numbers mean either, but it seems like a good sign, in any case.

    Thanks for starting this blog, and for keeping it going over the years. As time goes on, I’m more and more impressed by what I see here. It’s one of a handful of blogs that I read regularly (and it’s the only philosophy blog I follow–usually philosophy blogs bore or irritate me). Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Damn, I’d better start doing my homework and writing like a proper academic. People are actually reading the stuff I write here? <:-/

    Well, thanks for indulging my quirky humanness anyway. The practice helps. Maybe some day I'll be smart enough to make you philosophers look even better with what you've taught me.

    Congratulations :-)

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