5 thoughts on “The Common Ground Campaign

  1. Any activity serving to impact the destructive effects of polarized thinking and behavior, perhaps underlying all world crises at this critical time in our history, can only be praised, supported, and given every effort to survive and give ballast to the listing of humanity to this extreme, and that one. We are as a ship in a roiling sea, looking for a calms sea in the storms of extremism.

  2. Way to hijack Plato, VS. You are SO right. This one works better for me when it’s standing on its proverbial head.

    Thanks for this post, Monkey. The news brings a much needed exhale after the ideological horrors my American Studies prof described for us, first day. As in the full Teabagger Manifesto. The Full Monty. The Full Adolf. Sorry to Godwin all over all of y’all, but those Teabaggers are meaner and more ideologically incoherent than the freaking Nazis. I knew it was bad, but it’s much, much worse than I thought. I’m barely over the somatic revulsion responses to the American Armageddon rhetoric. Circular reasoning with a strong likelihood of catostrophic Sword of Damocles consequences has always given me migraines.

    Yes, American youth need all the peaceful, earth loving, life affirming discussion groups they can get right now. I’m all for that. I haven’t signed the petition yet, though. I may need a little more persuasion, a little more proof that a mosque on the ashes of Ground Zero is really a good idea. Not for the same reasons Islamophobes would give you. For the same reason I wouldn’t let my daughter walk nude through a men’s prison.

    After watching over an hour of back to back footage that I didn’t get to see the first time around, I’m more convinced than ever that 911 was an inside job. Bush&Cheney’s people set that up. If they build a mosque there, Teabaggers or Republicans or some other band of travelling sociopaths will just blow it up. Then the next time there’s a Republican government, they’ll find something else to blow up and blame it on the Muslims. We all know how the narrative works and where it ends. I figure anything with such an obvious redemption arc has to be completely contrived AND predictable.

    Again, I’m NOT opposed to mosques. Just to participating in a maneouvre that may be tricking innocent women and children into a mass culling. I always welcome discussion. Convince me that I’m overreacting, and I’ll sign the petition.


  3. Here’s a plan that nobody’s suggested for the rebuilding at Ground Zero. It’ll probably irk the right wing, but not as much as a mosque will. How about a hospital? A testing ground for the Obama Administration’s proposed healthcare plan? They can call it Ground Zero Memorial, with a big sculpture out front, 3000 names on brass. And they can still put a community centre inside, but I don’t think any religious structures are a good idea in a place with that kind of history. They’d be wise to stay away from anything that’s too commercial too.

    Out of the ashes rises The People’s Hospital. An end to hatred and a new beginning for collective healing…

    My slogan’s not half bad. What do the rest of you think?

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