Gender Bias Resources

The Gender Bias Learning Project has a really impressive website. It’s run by Joan Williams, author of the excellent Unbending Gender.

Gender bias in academia is alive and well. Identifying and understanding the distinct patterns of gender bias is the first step towards ensuring that bias does not derail your career.

The Center for WorkLife Law, with support from a NSF ADVANCE leadership grant, has developed this on-line gender bias training that teaches you to identify the four basic patterns of gender bias:

* Prove it Again!
* The Double Bind
* The Maternal Wall
* Gender Wars

This training also provides survival strategies for handling each type of bias.

There’s even a fab online game, Gender Bias Bingo, for which you can win prizes! (We mentioned it some time ago, here. But I’d forgotten, so maybe you had too! Thanks for the reminder, JJ.)

(Thanks, P!)

2 thoughts on “Gender Bias Resources

  1. Super post!

    Clicking through on the bingo game, I came across this useful glossary:
    It’s also got a biblio with works beyond those we normally refer to.

    It’s great that the site describes survival strategies; maybe that should be added to the categories you’ve included. We do have that as a category, but we don’t use it much.

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