8 thoughts on “Toys for boys who like ponies, and girls who like comics!!

  1. Kathryn, Nice question. I did fear I might be quibbling. I should have used “toys for. E.g., meant to be played with.

  2. In that case- I’m not certain. I know Mighty Muggs are called “toys” but are really meant to be collected more so than played with; and it seems like she’s modeled her Hero Ponies off of the Mighty Mugg concept. On the other hand, she says “I wanted these to be something that could be made for the mass market. Growing up I love horses and comics, these ponies are the toys of my dreams.”

  3. I’ve got it. She wants them to be for the mass market, but right now she’s producing something like prototypes. I couldn’t figure out why, if they were made for childrent to play with, it seemed pretty impossible to buy one, at least at anything like the cost of a toy.

    Being an older child, I’d quite like to have a few on parade.

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