Trouble in Delaware

Christine O’Donnell – pro-gun, anti-abortion, believes masturbation is a sin, Tea Party candidate – won 53% of the Republican vote in Delaware. She will now stand for the US senate in November, for the seat vacated by Joe Biden. However, polls suggest she has little chance of beating the Democratic candidate, Chris Coons. So that’s alright then. *Gulp* More from the Guardian here.

7 thoughts on “Trouble in Delaware

  1. I was actually very pleased. It was looking like the Republicans were going to pick up that seat (with a moderate candidate), and now it looks like they don’t have a chance. She could keep them from controlling the Senate.

    I also am increasingly hopeful that the Republican Party will fragment.

  2. Yes, I laid bets a year ago on the Republicans taking the house and not the senate. I’m still hoping that pays off.

    I read the NYT coverage of O’Donnell, and actually found myself thinking that this unmarried, inexperienced, virginal zealot has at least grasp-able reasons for being anti-masturbation. Personally, I am far, far more offended by her calling evolution “soft science” and urging a free-market private something-or-other approach to economic recovery, since the latter two issues require expertise she does not have and pretends to in a culpable way, while the zealous sex-is-bad thing is more subjective and reflects her (nutty, to me) values. I would prefer that liberal media outlets focus more on her outrageously ignorant claims regarding science and economics, than attend so cheerily to something comparatively less important.

    It bugs me that she only made $5k in the past two years, abdicated on her mortgage, but according to the news finished her college degree this summer? I know she denies the former aide’s claim that she inappropriately used campaign donations, but I cannot help wondering if some of those dollars went to tuition. And I didn’t realize the BA in English lit made one more knowledgeable about real science than most scientists. Huff, puff.

  3. Oh my she is bizarre. I would laugh more if I knew when people like her get into power in the U.S. it doesn’t affect the rest of us. As it is though, she – and the Americans who voted for her – terrify me.

  4. I’m with the first 4 commenters. A fractured right is usually good news for the left. Focusing on her weird ideas about masturbation rather than her weird Creationist views might be a good thing, though. People might actually vote for her if they think Kirk Cameron might become a staple of elementary school science curriculums.

    Even right wing freaks probably wouldn’t support a legal ban on masturbation. Not that people like O Donnell try to turn all or much of their sexual morality into law. But distracting debates about masturbation are a nice time waster for the lowest common denominator.

  5. I think this is good news. Quite a few liberals here in Delaware have been gloating over her primary win.

    Castle was Delaware’s last respected, established Republican in statewide office. Lots of liberal-leaning Democrats and independents would consistently vote for him, since he had a reputation as a moderate, particularly on social issues. I think this reputation was exaggerated. In the House, he voted against bank reform, against repealing DADT, in favor of the Stupak amendment restricting abortion coverage, and against the Lily Ledbetter act that made it easier for women to sue for pay discrimination.

    Chris Coons is considerably more liberal. I think he’ll do a good job, and I’ve already contributed to his campaign. He’s running a fairly cautious campaign so far, though, so it’s hard to tell exactly how liberal he’ll be. I look forward to seeing him speak.

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